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Custom Monogramming

Custom Monogramming


Personalize your accessory with handwritten embossing or any other image, symbol, logo you would like to add to your item.

You can choose from three handwriting styles — Brush Lettering, Thin Cursive, or your own handwriting! —and we’ll turn your name or phrase into a bespoke monogram just for you. We can also do logos, phrases or small drawings. Your imagination is the only limitation.

NB: Turn around is 6 BUSINESS DAYS once you have approved your custom stamp with our customer service team.

If you would like to order, just select one of the either Brush Lettering, Thin Cursive or your own handwriting from the drop down list of fonts available in all of our items!

Brush Lettering and Thin Cursive custom embossing services come at a flat fee of an additional $30 per item and to add your own artwork or handwriting we charge a fee of $70.


  • Custom Embossing Thin Cursive

    Thin Cursive

    A loose, thin handwriting style.
    Choose TDE’s Handwriting – Thin Cursive from the font drop-down menu on any of our product pages to begin your order.

  • Custom Embossing Brush Lettering

    Brush Lettering

    A thick calligraphic handwriting style.
    Choose TDE’s Handwriting – Brush Lettering from the font drop-down menu on any of our product pages to begin your order.

  • Custom Embossing Your Own Handwriting

    Your Own Handwriting

    Send us a scanned image of a name, logo, a word or phrase you'd like embossed onto our items and we will try our best to make it happen.
    Choose My Own Handwriting from the drop-down menu on any of our product pages to start your order.


Monogramming the stamp onto additional items once the stamp is created is $25 per item.

Custom monogramming is available on all products excluding envelope card cases, asymmetric card cases, and keyrings. We will do our best to accommodate your artwork when supplied but please note there are some limitations in terms of size and detail.

Please note this service is only available online and not in our stores as the work is quite detailed and generally can't be done on the spot in our stores.

Please note we are unable to guarantee that Thin Cursive or Brush Lettering will be monogrammed in the font size you have selected. Our design team will standardise your monogram to fit the majority of our products and be of the highest quality.

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